April 27, 2019

Well, hello brothers and sisters! Johnny Reb coming at y’all with a break-down of my favorite event of the year. D&Q Motorsports is to me one of the last of the old skool bike shops. It’s no friggin boutique for motor clothes, or shiny bobbles for weekend warriors to be the shiniest on the subdivision block. No, my friends. This is the real damn deal. Jeff and his crew have turned out some of the most beautiful choppers to hit the roads of North Carolina. I love going to this shop and talking bikes or hot rods or whatever hits us. These guys are class. 

Alright, now that you know what kind of shop this is, let me tell you about their 15th Anniversary Party. Jeff told me a couple months ago that this was gonna be a blow out, and he did not lie. Everything thing was free as soon as you rolled in, on your scoot preferably. Anyway, me and Sassy hopped off our scoot and walked out front and was digging the band, (who we will get back to shortly), when the smell of BBQ came drifting our way. Well, Jeff said Eggy, his brother, was going to be running the BBQ show that day. Brother, that was some great tasting BBQ! Me and Sassy went in the shop and got our plates, BBQ, taters, and some great tasting coleslaw. got our plates and sat down. 

We got to listen to one of the best bands I have heard in a looonnggg time! “Among the Machines” was the first of three bands slated to play that day. Do I need to remind y’all this was free? These four guys were strong, dig it? STRONG! You may not like their style of music, in all honesty, Sassy, she no likey. However, yours truly was really digging it. Strong vocals from Tom Scott, was really hitting hard. Scott Wagstaff was the driving force with some really great Bass that kept the beat and driving that unbelievable speed. With Cameron Scott keeping those drums running with the bass, and Drew Saunders on lead guitar, everything came together. Whether you like this style of hard driving rock or not, no problem. You have got to appreciate the talent that this band has. Sorry folks, but that music was kick ass, and I can’t say enough about a band that I dig. 

Alright. Moving on, if you were one of the first 200 to arrive, you got a very cool D&Q Anniversary T-shirt. Jeff really pulled out all the stops and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

Now Sassy and I had to leave. I know it sucked, but we had to ride to the Outer Banks to hook up with some brothers that day. I wished we could have hung out longer and watched the other bands that played. After Among the Machines was “Wishbone”, and “Death Cadence”. I hope to hear y’all in the future and give you a shout out in one of my next articles. We were looking at a 400 mile ride to the Outer Banks, and as y’all know, Ol’ Johnny Reb ain’t as young as he used to be! We had to boogie after a couple of hours, so I just want to apologize to you all, and Jeff and the staff of D&Q Motorsports. I wish I could have stayed longer. 

So I’m gonna close this out with this, if you haven’t realized by now, I hold Jeff and his crew in very high regard. Check out their website, or look them up on Facebook. Just find them for quality work on your scoot, or go all out and talk to the guys about that dream chop, or build you have been dreaming about. Whatever you decide you will not be disappointed. I put my name on that brother. You can learn more about D&Q Motorsports by visiting dandqmotorsports.com. Or better yet, when you are out and about, visit D&Q Motorsports at 34 Ray Hart Lane, in Angier, NC 27501or call (919) 639-5511

And tell them that you read about their 15th Anniversary party in The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

Johnny Reb Out