By: Chi

With contributions from Jeanie Hood Carter

The Bikers and Needy Children foundation (BANC), hosted this annual celebration for motorcycle awareness that took place at Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson on Saturday, May 11, 2019.

There were so many bikes out to support motorcycle awareness, it was certainly a wonderful day in May. The motorcycles were coming in and out of the parking lot all day. As always, the celebration was a hit. The BANC members and volunteers were in place and tending to their stations and they stayed busy with tickets and auction items. The ticket sales and raffle ticket tent was a busy place! There were plenty of winners!

There was also a petition about the distracted driver laws to sign in the tent. The Bikers and Needy Children Foundation wants to stand up for the rights of motorcyclists. Bikers and Needy Children Foundation and their members are also dedicated to the cause of biker safety! They have done so much great work towards motorcycle awareness. The motorcycle awareness signs were displayed at the tent as well. BANC was able to secure the first of these signs a year or so back. In fact, the first motorcycle awareness signs in Fayetteville were right down the street, just a few hundred feet from our location at Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson. The signs are great and if you are interested in sponsoring a sign you can contact the Bikers And Needy Children’s foundation and they can help you with all the information needed to make it happen somewhere near you.  Bikers and Needy Children Foundation (BANC) is a certified non-profit organization; that, in itself, says a lot about their dedication and determination.

BANC foundation is especially thankful to so many. It certainly takes a lot of hands to continue their efforts each and every year. I have seen many great and honorable causes over the years. So, when I hear of something, I always try to make sure I can at least attend and celebrate with them. It always feels like a family reunion when everyone gets together in one location.  

The BANC foundation wanted to give a special “Thanks” Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson for cohosting and for providing the grill and well. A special thank you to Bullet Underwood (for working even with a hurt back), Barry, JR, Darian, Shawna, and Stacy, and the wonderful BANC volunteers for working the event. Also, a huge thank you to James Laru, "Jimmy", and Kim for making and donating our very special Motorcycle Awareness Ribbon Trophies. They are fabulous! Thank you to Ashley and the group from Biker Lives Matter/Rabbit, the NC Motorcycle Safety Group, and The Blue Knights for setting up, and as always, Chi Force Photography. Today was a huge success! Everything and everyone seemed to be in unison the entire day! 

These things take a lot of planning and more planning; that is always the case!  But these guys and gals made it look so easy. Thanks to everyone! We are already excited about next year’s event and we look forward to seeing you there!