Story by Alan Dockery

Summer means lots of poker runs and rides and rallies across the Carolinas. Sometimes we do something that seems smart to us but ain’t always legal. I’m talking about stopping traffic to let a line of motorcycles go through an intersection. Yes, we know that is the safest way to handle the situation.

Donny Bradley, owner of DOC Bail Bonding in Statesville, NC, is working to improve this. Donny has started a Professional Road Guard service. Trained groups of riders, recognized by law enforcement and available to assist any group with traffic control on their rides, are forming. “Eventually, we want to pass laws making it a trainable certificate for NC Road Guards and have it clearly defined what motorcyclists can do to protect a group on the road,” Donny said. “Our goal is to have teams working with all the law enforcement organizations across the state to assist in the safe movement of motorcycle processions for groups to raise money and for fallen soldiers last rights.”

I’ve seen them in action. Their road guards can assist a Sheriff’s Deputy at a major intersection to ensure traffic in all directions avoids crashes with the motorcyclists. “We are working with Tribute to the Troops for support in helping other riding groups and law enforcement organizations across the state,” Donny said. “We hope to have the program statewide in five years. We offer training for everyone who wants to join our group. Potential road guards need a minimum of five years of riding experience. Passengers need to have years of experience and will go through all training with the rider. We are reaching out to experienced riders to get team leaders across the state to help in our vision. ”

“Our goal is to help other groups to ensure they have a safe ride while on their charity events. Let them focus on the ride and we’ll focus on getting them to their destination safely. We welcome all riders who want to learn about being professional road guards and helping other riders.”

“We will not escort rides when alcohol is involved, and all road guards will be required to have no alcohol eight hours before they twist the throttle. Our group will also be experienced in setting up new ride routes. We’ll lay out a safe, smooth ride for all skill levels and make them scenic too. Rides we escort will require our waiver to protect everyone involved,” Donny concluded.

“If you are interested in becoming a professionally trained motorcycle road guard or starting a group in your area – Please contact Donny “Doc” Bradley at 704-902-1152, Rides are posted on under RIDES.