By: Buzz

On April 27th Charlotte’s second biggest party of all time happened at the World Famous Tank Town Tavern. The only reason it was the 2ndbiggest party is because the first annual Spring Fever Bash turnout can never be beat. This year’s party was another epic event that rocked from the moment we started till late that night. You know it’s gonna be an awesome day when you wake up and there are no clouds in the sky. For a while there, we had rain just about every weekend, so I was stoked when Bash Day dawned with clear skies. 

Tank Town Tavern was already hoppin’ when I got there to set up the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine booth and the lot was filling with other vendors, too. We had a ton of vendors set up that day including The Karney Law Firm, The Rebel Spirit, Charlotte FD, Cigar Box Guitars, Phat Whipz, A CBD Booth, Freedom Biker Church, OBAC Biker Apparel, Kim Oats Jewelry, Lucky 13 Custom Jewelry and Purple Heart Homes. Angelo & Brandy (Brangelo) of Tank Town Tavern really know how to take care of their patrons and are the king and queen of event hosting. They had 2 beer tubs set up in the parking lot to compliment the patio bar and the roll up window that gives thirsty patrons access to the main bar from outside. There was no problem getting a beer even with this huge crowd coming in! 

Once everyone was set up and ready to go, SHRAPNYL had tuned up and got some help from Rick Thomas, “the Human Jukebox”. They call Rick “The Human Jukebox” because the man can play and sing just about any song you throw at him. He’s a regular at TTT so when you see his name on their ad, make sure you go check him out! Rick and SHRAPNYL had never played together but they jammed together like seasoned vets. As the bikes poured in, Lisa, “The Pit Boss”, was running parking and getting everyone lined up for the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Bike Show. This year we were lucky enough to have Bob Karney & Sean Clayton of the Karney Law Firm as our Celebrity Bike Show Judges. Bob upped the ante this year and threw $500 cash into the bike show, ($350 for the Judged class and $150 for the peoples’ choice winner). We had some really awesome laser etched bike show plaques from Bacher Metal Works for the winners, and as always, the Judged class winner gets their bike featured in The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. I’m glad I didn’t have to pick the winner out of the string of bikes being judged!

The day seemed to zip by as it usually does when you are having a killer time. SHRAPNYL was killing it on stage. If you have never had the good fortune of hearing these guys, stop what you are doing, look at Tank Town Tavern’s schedule and go see them play. These guys rock the house bouncing from Metallica to Beastie Boys and even they even threw some Michael Jackson in there with a metal spin to it. No joke y’all, these guys get it done! It was a good thing that there were some food trucks on location because I was getting famished! Crafty Burger and The Hog N Dog food trucks were dishing out their best. There were some good looking plates coming out! 

The middle of the day attraction was a Burn Out Contest that Joker Powersports out of Blacksburg, SC was sponsoring. John from Joker Powersports was on hand and was ready to give a new tire to the winner of the burnout contest. While we were rounding up contestants Zach and Kristen from The Rebel Spirit added an extra $50 to the grand prize. Just about the time we were getting the competition started a new entry took to the burnout stall, hooked up his bike and started burning that thing down. Let me tell you, it had to be a 5 minute burnout that ended with a blow out! The rider then whipped out a bottle of lighter fluid, sprayed down the bike, threw a match on it and walked away. As no one was willing to top that performance he was awarded top honors, but I’m not sure what he’s gonna do with the new tire.

SHRAPNYL took the stage again and went straight back to shredding until it was time to do the bike show results. The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Charlotte area reps “Stretch” and Alice helped count the votes for the “People’s Choice” award as Sean and Bob walked the bike show to make their Judged choice. “People’s Choice” award went to Artie Linebarger who pulled in an impressive 175 votes with his beautiful red 2015 H-D Street Glide and won $150 from Karney Law Firm and a laser etched plaque made by Bacher Metal Works. Sean Clayton took the mic to announce the winner of the “Judged Class” bike and called Wolf up to the stage. Wolf had entered his 1978 H-D Shovel Head and it was beautiful. Wolf had owned and worked on this “daily rider” himself for the past 40 years! It was a great moment. He was awarded $350 from the Karney Law Firm, a laser etched plaque made by Bacher Metal Works and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. Congrats to both Artie and Wolf. 

My part of the day was over and it was time to relax and party, which is easy to do at Tank Town Tavern. I cannot say enough about what a great team Angelo and Brandy have at the Tank. They are a great destination and a true biker bar that makes you feel welcome and will give you some sh!# just to make you feel loved. If you have never been to the Tank, now’s the time. Tank Town Tavern has “Ride in Sundays” sponsored by Karney Law Firm and live music over the weekend. They are always down for a good time and The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine highly recommends Tank Town Tavern. In fact, we are already looking at the 3rdAnnual Spring Fever Bash and you should be, too. It will be the 3rd biggest biker party that Charlotte has ever seen, only surpassed by the previous two Spring Fever Bashes!