By Buzz
Just in sight of the downtown skyscrapers of Charlotte, North Carolina lies one of the treasures of the south eastern motorcycle culture; “The Congregation”. This gathering of old school choppers, vintage cars and the people who love them, is put on by the fine folks at Prism Supply Co. and Dice Magazine and is not to be missed. They hold this epic history lesson at Camp North End in a century old building that used to be a Model T Ford plant. The building itself throws a lot of attitude on the show with its old wooden factory floor and near floor to ceiling windows that really works with all the vintage machinery. 

April 13th was a real crappy day with storms all across the state, but I still saw a lot of brave souls ride in. Once inside the building, the first thing I noticed was that the size of the show nearly tripled from the previous year, meaning there was a ton more bikes for all  of us to drool over. The second thing I noticed was this awesome Shovel Head chopper with a springer front end and an awesome king and queen seat and multi light sissy bar and the rest of the afternoon was a blur. 

We went from bike to bike with our jaws nearly dragging on the ground. There were Pans, Knuckles, Flatty’s and Shovels, to the right and left. Most were choppers and hand builds but there were a few survivors mixed in, too. The warehouse was lined with vendors and even some tattoo booths near the center of the floor. I ran into a couple old friends and, when I stepped outside for a breather, the rain had stopped and the lot outside was almost as interesting as the bike show itself. We went back inside and made a few more rounds to make sure we didn’t miss anything before we left.  
“The Congregation” had proven again this year to be one of the best bike shows we had been to in a long time. I feel really fortunate to have such a great show right in our back yard and can’t wait to get back to “The Congregation” next year.