By: Lori, Christian, & WildThing (who wasn’t there)

I hate it that I could not attend the Thunder In The Smokies Spring Rally 2019 the first weekend in May this year. It is always a great motorcycle rally set in Maggie Valley  in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina. Maggie Valley is such a jewel, just chillin’ there is comforting. Mark & I were at the very first Thunder In the Smokies Rally and attended twice a year for many years. It had its growing pains and the rains came sometimes, but overall, the music was great, the bike games fun, and the bike show attracted some really beautiful motorcycles. The regulars that showed up year after year made the rally seem like a family gathering. And the stories we would share, “you know, remember the year that we ……”. Yes, I hope it never ends…

Our western Carolina Representative, Christian Pruitt, WAS there this spring and he said: Of course, when you get to go to one of the coolest rallies and our Western North Carolina mountains it's going to rain!!! The morning started out great and then of course we got greeted by this beautiful storm rolling through the valley, but the bike games still existed!!! The participants had to get through a series of tasks to find the winners. The first was the slow race, that is a rider rides his bike the slowest without touching the ground!! Second, was the toilet and plunger between the couples. You must see the pictures for that explanation, lol. The games were sponsored by Cartel Bagger of Maggie Valley and Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers. Got to see a lot of great people and meet some new ones that tried to brave out the rain. But even though the rain hit us hard, there was still a great time for all!!

Lori, who along with Chis are the promoters of this rally and she gave us the list of winners: Bike Show Winners: $1,000 was divided between these three:1st place Gary Abernathy $500, 2nd place was awarded to David Troyler $ 300 and 3rdplace went to Johnny Anderson $200. The bike games had to be halted due to weather & lack of participation, but some still took home some jack. Bike Games Winners were: 1st place Josh Rhodes $300, 2nd place Roger Smith $200, and 3rd place Mike Shramek $100.

Well, there you have it, a short run down of the spring rally. But wait…there’s more. Make plans to ride on up the mountains to the summer version of Thunder In The Smokies June 28 – 30 or the fall edition September 6 – 8, 2019. Hope to see ya there